Our history

A long tradition, handed down for generations is the strength of our company.

The choice of wood, in particular the olive tree, silent witness of a millennial experience, rich in cultural and royal memories, is a precious essence in the creation of original cabinetry of small and large dimensions, thanks to the strongly asymmetrical development of the wood grain and the wild nature of the forms.

This particular material requires a well-organized storage structure, constantly monitored which can guarantee ideal conditions of temperature and humidity to improve seasoning and stability of the blocks in indor storage and on paved soil.

The blocks and slabs of olive tree, of the most disparate dimensions, are distributed neatly on 2,000 square meters of surface. This allows our customers the most complete examination for the most suitable choice of each single “piece”.

HEXAEDRON offers rough wood blocks, natural wood which, by continuing to mature in our homes, will make you feel the thrill of the trees in the breath of centuries-old woods.
The wood is alive, waterproof. Once sectioned, a trunk that is intact has complex cavities, veined patterns and intertwining of unimaginable knots and vases, but similar that with the passage of time continues to live and therefore to change.

It is the man with his work who, through processes and finishes, stabilizes it and enhances its differences and characteristics, while maintaining the unfinished natural edges, in the creation of smooth surfaces sometimes consisting of multiple slabs connected and blocked by butterfly joints.

We at HEXAEDRON operate a continuous screening on the national territory and beyond, oriented towards recovery of the most impressive and particularly beautiful olive trees.

With an exceptional and vast repertoire of blocks of various shapes, already sectioned, rough and semi-finished, we propose ourselves as a leader in the sector and offer the most demanding target materials for organic desing, nowhere to be found and of rare beauty.

HEXAEDRON only unique pieces.